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“Linas Hüüs” is a Swiss chalet built over one hundred years ago. Christian and Lina Kaufmann, who made their living raising sheep and leading mountain tours, acquired the house in 1950 and converted it into its present state.

After her husband’s passing, “Grossmuetti Lina” lived in the house for more than 30 years, caring for and entertaining her children, grandchildren and friends.

Lina’s daughter Sonja and her family eventually inherited and renovated “Linas Hüüs,” giving special care to preserve the charm and coziness of the old chalet.

 Lina Kaufmann (1930)
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Postcard: "Caretaking family man" (1925) Postcard: Shepherd Christian Kaufmann (1940) Familiy Kaufmann
Christian & Lina
Kaufmann (1955)
Grindelwald (1957) Christian & Lina
Kaufmann (1961)